Live Screening of Football Matches at Bangalore Restaurants

A delectable spread awaits as you watch football. If you are burning with Football Fever, we know the cure. As like the IPL Matches some top Bangalore restaurants organizing the football matches on big screen. If you really want to enjoy this Euro Cup with delectable food and with delightful moments of Bangalore’s nightlife then you must go there and should be enjoy the Football matches on big screen. Football fever is here! Catch the epic football battle LIVE this season at Hard Rock Cafe! It’s that time of the year when fans unite to support their favourite team, Football fever is on! Grab your hot seat at HRC and watch the action unfold!

If you’re in the grip of Football Fever your symptoms could range from impatiently searching for the latest scores, burning rivalry, unconditional favorites, devouring soccer news and looking for match results!

There’s just one place that has the cure: head to Hard Rock Cafe (Live Screening of Football Matches) for all that’s hot on football, to have a ball, grab some American fare and to catch the epic football live this season! All football fans can rejoice: this place among the restaurants in Bangalore offers live screening of all matches so get there well in time to grab the hot seat and watch the drama unfold!

The bar, restaurant and the open courtyard at Hard Rock Cafe is abuzz these days with football, fans and food! You could well double your delight as you bite into your favorites: succulent chicken kebabs, crunchy spring rolls, crisp fried onion rings, chicken crostini, breaded chicken tenders served with Hickory BBQ sauce and honey mustard.

The Cafe will screen the matches starting at 9:30 pm from June 8th. Double your experience with HRC’s delectable starters like Chicken Kebab, Chicken Crostini and Tupelo Chicken made with boneless, seasoned and breaded chicken tenders, served with honey mustard and Hickory Bar-B-Que sauces. Veggie lovers can hog on Onion Rings, served with hickory Bar-B-Que, Vegetarian Crostini and Vegetarian Santa Fe Spring Rolls as you experience sensational soccer drama on the live projector screen.

Rest assured, you will remain in high spirits, with chilled pints of beer as you tuck into the Cafe’s specials from nachos, chicken wings and burgers to special football combos.

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